The Boss Intern’s Tip of the Day! – Size, Shot, Milk, Type and Sugar!

“Can I have one regular strong skim Flat white with one Sugar, Double Short black with 2, and a large extra shot Ice Latte. Thank You!”


Did you know, Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world, second only to water!

So why the tips on Coffee?

As an Intern, you’ve been asked to go on a coffee run. So to help you out, let’s do a little cram session on different coffee types.

Write the list of orders on a piece of paper or phone, with details.

– Who orders (name)
– Size (small, regular, medium, large, extra large…)
– Number of shots (weak/strong/ extra strong…..)
– Type of milk (skim, almond, coconut, soy… )
– Type of coffee (short black, long black, cappuccino, flat white, latte, Ristretto…..)
– Temperature (extra hot, hot, warm, cold, with ice, or iced…. )
– Number of sugars (1,2,3,4,5, half, 3/4, 2 and a half ….)
– Special coffee requirements (bean type, less milk, extra froth, extra flat, more chocolate powder, raw sugar, equalizer, 60-degree temperature….)

This isn’t the end.

– Remember who’s coffee cup/ keep cup goes with which coffee order
– Don’t forget to ask for the lunch order
– Make sure it doesn’t take too long or bring the coffees back at the exact time ordered

Imagine an order the team, meaning there is 5-10 coffees on the list with all these requirements.


You don’t need to remember any of that!!
As an Intern, you are there to learn and experience not be the best coffee orderer!

Coffee Run is a type of internship exploitation. Don’t let them exploit you!

To those who ask you to go on a COFFEE Run, TELL them!

Soo Han


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