International Student Internships In Australia

Many international students struggle to find internship opportunities in Australia, as most companies will only take on Australian citizens. We here at Experienced Not Exploited have done some investigation and found an organisation that can help all students find the perfect internship!

Internships Down Under is a program that provides all kinds of internship opportunities for both local and international students. The program was first established in 2004 and focused purely on internship opportunities within Sydney. It became apparent that this type of service was needed Australia wide, and so in 2013, the organisation changed its name from ‘Sydney Internships’ to ‘Internships Down Under’ and now services all major cities throughout Australia. This program aims to provide a comprehensive service particularly focused to international students wanting to complete an internship in Australia.

Internships Down Under provide internship opportunities that abide and comply with the Fair Work Ombudsman and Australian Government regulations.

They provide internships to students who are:

  1. 18-30 years old
  2. Local & International Applicants
  3. School leavers, currently enrolled in a course, or recent graduates.
  4. Native English speakers or of and advanced English level.
  5. Motivated to gain further training in their chosen field.


Find out more and avoid exploitation on Internship Down Under’s website.

Written by Miao Wang


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