The Internship Interview

The interview stage is one of the best times to determine if your internship will be valuable or become an experience of exploitation. Knowing the right questions to ask the organisation is crucial for you to identify what type of internship you might be getting yourself into. Here’s a few interview questions you should be asking to check whether the organisation has your best interests at heart:

  1. What will be my main role as an intern within this organisation, and what will be the daily activities I will be involved in?
  2. Will I be assigned a mentor throughout the internship to help guide me and teach me? If so, will there be opportunities to shadow them?
  3. Will there be progress checks with either the manager or the HR team throughout the internship? Is so, how many will there be throughout the course of the internship?
  4. Will there be an opportunity of employment at the completion of this internship?
  5. Am I entitled to lunch breaks?
  6. How many interns do you generally take on at a time?
  7. How would you describe the office culture?
  8. Will I be able to attending meetings or talk to employees in the other departments?
  9. What are the key skills I will be learning whilst interning here?

Asking these 9 questions will not only help you avoid a potentially exploitative internship, but it will also showcase your interest and passion in becoming the best possible intern at that company!


Written by Miao Wang


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