Paid Internships: An Interview with 2hats

We recently chatted with Shubham Kedia, the Marketing Communications Officer at 2hats, an organisation that offers paid work placements for students seeking relevant professional experience, to  find  out more information about what they do and how 2hats can help you in your interning journey!

2hats is an organisation with the goal of growing the leaders of tomorrow by bridging students to their passion and aspirations before they enter the workplace. Shubham told us that 2hats was first created “when it became apparent that there weren’t enough ways for students to get experience before graduation and once they graduated they were not considered industry-ready by large corporations as they lacked crucial real-life skills.” There was a major trend towards students settling in jobs they weren’t happy with simply due to financial reasons, and on the other hand, startups did not have internal operations to screen students and need help from external organisations to find talent. And thus, 2hats was formed!


“We wanted to give every student the opportunity to achieve their full potential, to discover their purpose where they can have the greatest impact. We also reduced headaches, hours of work and minimising risk for startups by handling the entire selection process for them. Most importantly, we understood talented students need to be appreciated for their work and must be paid as they contribute as much as a part-time company employee.”

Since launching 2hats in late 2017, the organisation is proud to showcase that of the first group of 2hats interns finishing their placements, over 50% received an offer to move to part-time positions.

The 2hats process can take up to two months, depending upon the industry, role requirement and student abilities. “We value in defining technical roles as well as a cultural fit, which determines the long lead time from training to placement.”

In order to ensure that your internship is valuable and worthwhile, 2hats go through a extensive vetting process of organisations and agencies to ensure that they align with the 2hats values. The process is as follows:

  1. The co-founder Gloria personally sits down with the organisation first and runs through the organisation’s mission and requirements, ensuring they align with 2hats values.
  2. The organisations must follow the 2hats strict “no coffee runs” policy. That means the work must legitimately add value to the intern’s professional development and not consist of meaningless tasks.
  3. 2hats work with partnered organisations to create the role that employees will partake in and control the roles tasks.


If you’re interested in finding paid experience, we here at Experienced Not Exploited highly recommend you check out 2hats. Not only will it ensure you prevent exploitation, but you will be placed within a reputable organisation based on your skills and needs.



Written By Ekala Tarei


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