How to Be The BOSS Intern!

Let’s imagine you have landed a fantastic internship that treats you well, PAYS and is a time worthy experience.

You have had fantastic luck!! So make the most of it and impress your employer!

Don’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best, show them what an amazing employee you would be.

So, how you may ask??

These tips will leave an impressive impression for your employees to open up future opportunities.


Be on alert! (Check your emails, and messages; reply when seen)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Talk to your team members regularly.

Double Check your Work

Reiterate the assigned job to the person who assigned it to you, and make sure have the correct steps and requirements to make sure you are using your time for the benefit of the team/ manager and also yourself.

Go the Extra Mile

Stand out! Predict the next steps of the assigned job, think and do a little more than required, volunteer to do extra than what is given to you.

Make the most of the opportunity!

Follow Directions

Make sure you know exactly what you need to do! Follow your notes and keep track of your work. (tip within a tip: take notes when you’re given directions and keep them organised)

Stay Professional

It’s perfectly fine to share your life story, but keep in mind that you walk a fine line. An intern should keep any room for negative judgement away from the employer. Some comments or stories about your weekend may not be appropriate. Keep those stories outside of internships, wait till you are official  😀

By Soo Han



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