Internships – Exclusive To The Rich? (Part 2)

Being unable to afford to participate in an internship due to financial circumstance is just the beginning of the inequality problem facing university students and the internship landscape within Australia.

A recent trend of paying to intern … yes, I said PAYING to intern has started to become a terrifying reality. There have been stories of major agencies auctioning off their internship positions to the highest bidder, and it’s happening right here in Australia.

Popular media company Mamamia recently auctioned off a journalism internship position within the company for $10,000. The ‘lucky‘ winner got to intern at the company in an unpaid position for a whole 2 weeks. Whilst not only can this be seen to be highly unethical by the company itself, but it also solidifies the notion that only financially secure students can partake in interning experiences. This means that well-off students have a greater chance of securing a full time graduate position, and those who cannot afford these experiences remain to struggle.

How is this fair?
Answer: It isn’t.


Written By Ekala Tarei


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